I built this hat from leather, waxed sinew and grommets. The goggles are Russian military surplus, the band cloth scavenged from my mother’s scraps, A firefly broach and a feather from my yard in FL complete it.

Someone asked me at one point what I had under my hat. I didn’t have a good answer and so I built and programmed the following using an Adafruit Gemma written in a blend of C and Arduino. It turns on and swirls rainbows from the inside when removed. I built in a microphone and a swappable low pass filter and am currently implementing a fast Harley transform algorithm to make it sound responsive. I’ve since created a performance art component in which I make cards with various quotes written on art paper. At events, I take one at random, approach a participant, and tell them, “I have a delivery for you.” Whereupon, I remove my hat and pull the quote out of my hat give it to them, and depart.
Its a fun game to play.

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