In April 2019, I co-produced and performed a second Japanese tea ceremony in the uno hanadate style of temae for 24 people at the annual Meher Baba Southeast Gathering. This is the second I’ve produced. The first was in April of 2006.


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Promotional blurb and short bios that I composed:

Join Mimi Hay and Thia Elliott for a Meher Baba-themed chabako cha-no-yu (Tea box style japanese tea ceremony) on the waterfall deck. We will perform a casual example of the traditional practice and have a discussion about the history, practice, and meaning of chado (The way of tea) with attention to Meher Baba’s life and teachings. At its heart, tea ceremony draws attention to the current moment through the five senses and mindful experience of one’s inner and outer state. Rooted in taoism, buddhism, and shintoism, there are core philosophies within the art of tea, that offer a refreshing shift in perspective from the western and vedantic thought cannons prevalent in the Baba world.

*Matcha contains caffeine, but the quantities are small. However if medical or personal needs require, feel free to simply taste/smell the tea.

*Limited to approximately 12 due to space constraints. Sign up will be posted at breakfast.

*Lastly, please maintain silence when approaching and entering the space. We will have open discussion, but we begin in silence.

About the facilitators:

Mimi Hay

Mimi was born in Japan and spent her early childhood there. A continued interest in Japanese customs led her and Marshall back to Japan for a few weeks to attend many different types of tea ceremonies and appreciate the similarities of Meher Baba’s philosophy with the Japanese zen tea culture.

Thia Elinor Griffin-Elliott

Born to a Baba family, Thia studied tea ceremony for a year outside of Kyoto, Japan, under Manta Arai Sensei, a master from the Urasenke school. They received a chashaku (tea scoop) handmade by their teacher symbolizing permission to serve tea in 2002. They have since pursued a 17-year practice using its philosophies in fields from performance art and design to community development & and soup kitchen management.



[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”15″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]On a much lighter note, I also taught a hula hoop making workshop for the youth under 16. 


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