Here at the Recurse Center (RC; formerly the Hacker School), we often struggle with feeling productive. It is exceedingly common to feel like you aren’t producing or learning enough, that you are here through luck and at any moment someone will figure it out and correct the mistake.

This tendency has a name of course; Impostor syndrome is pretty much the norm in many academic and professional circles. It is the source of untold anxiety and immense frustration. Meanwhile,  many of my hippie-type friends post memes and articles citing that positive affirmations can completely change your life and act as mental “hacks” to improve everything from your health and career to making all your wildest dreams come true.

I thought, “What if we could leverage the power of positive affirmations to fight insecurity in coding and make us all more productive?”

I present Prografirmatr, a highly satirical, disruptive prescription for insecure coding.

(Version 1.0 now available for Mac on Github.)

My demonstration of codings newest (and best) productivity tool at RC’s 12.10.2015 Thursday night talk.



Future versions will include features like a standalone desktop app, social media lockout as well as writer, and scientist modes.
If you have affirmation ideas, please pm them to me and you will be included in the eventual credits.

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  1. phillip jones

    the impostor syndrome is a killer de-motivator There’s a real need for such a program in the audience you named, but also in every one’s life. It would hit a wider market if you had several libraries of affirmations, which would be included in the package. During set-up procedure the user checks of stuff like name, occupation, area of concern, or some other limiter that makes the program more applicable. Great idea.


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