I constructed a site-specific piece at Firefly Arts Collective. I meditated and then set out to do an installation no knowing where it would be. The site was chosen haphazardly where it felt, “right.” Each component came from the immediate area that it was placed. As I placed my hands on each stone, If it tilted in a direction I helped it move that way. If it seemed to catch I would stop. The first stone to come up was the pillar type structure. The central stone caught my attention and initiated the piece. as I supported it with pebbles and smaller stones from the immediate vicinity one of the halves of the split stones became evident.  precisely at 3:33PM on July 6, 2018 they came up and fell in line perfectly with the sun. I fixed them in place and continued working. 
Periodically, previously unmoving stones would suddenly seem to come unstuck and I moved them where they seemed to want to go. A passerby gave me the three polished stones which I placed within the piece. At the conclusion, around three and half hours later, there was a face evident and many sightlines across the installation, although none were intended.
Sometime the next day, it was destroyed by a vehicle. 

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